Short Film Submissions

We welcome all short films that are of interest to the LGBT+ community. However, before any title may be submitted to our database, the film must be available, in its public entirety, to the via YouTube. Secondly, you must list your film on The Movie Database with the required information below.

If your film is not on YouTube free to the public, you must provide the trailer and film information on The Movie Database. You may provide purchase links for you film; currently we support iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

You also have the option to have your short posted to our YouTube channel, which makes it easier for our users to discover new short films.

YouTube Guidelines:
  • Trailer and/or videos must be posted to YouTube in high quality video and audio.
  • If your film is foreign, your title must contain the name of your film in both the spoken language and English.
  • It is important that you set a thumbnail for your video with a resolution of at least 825 X 465. Only landscape thumbnails are acceptable. Portrait thumbnails, such as posters and cover art, are not acceptable for your video thumbnail.
The Movie Database Guidelines:

After your trailer or short film has been posted to a preferred streaming platform, you will need to add your film to TheMovieDB before it can be added to our databse.

Required Fields:
  • Original Title (in the language of film)
  • Translated Title (only if original title is not in English)
  • Film Overview (in English)
  • Poster/Cover Art (at least a resolution of 500 X 750)
  • Genre(s)
  • Release Date
  • Runtime
  • Spoken Language
  • Video(s) (linked to your YouTube submissions)
  • Backdrop Artwork/Screen Capture (at least a resolution of 1280 X 720)
Optional (But Recommended) Fields:
  • Brief Tagline
  • Runtime (in minutes)
  • Production Country
  • Director(s)*
  • Cast*

* If you add cast and directors to your listing on TheMovieDB, you should complete profiles for them on TheMovieDB as well. This populates the information on GayMovieDB.

Once your film is posted on either YouTube and TheMovieDB, please complete the form below. Be sure to provide the identification number from TheMovieDB, as well as any additional information you feel is pertinent.

After we receive your submission, it will be manually reviewed by our staff to ensure all of the above guidelines are met. If our staff deems it of interest to the LGBT community and guidelines are met, your short film will added to our site upon the next update (typically within 48 hours).

If the full-length version of your film is not available on YouTube you may include the purchase links for your film. Currently, we do link to iTunes, the Google Play Store as well as Amazon. If this is the case, please make sure that you are including a trailer on YouTube and that it is included in your listing at TheMovieDB.