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A Very English Scandal: Season 1 (2018)  

Crime, Drama | English

Queer Factor ™


Queer Factor ™


  • 1-1: Episode 1 (20 May, 2018)

    It is 1960s England, homosexuality is illegal and the politician Jeremy Thorpe begins a whirlwind affair with a young stable hand, Norman Scott. But when the relationship turns sour and Jeremy’s career goes from strength to strength, Norman becomes a secret that Jeremy is desperate to hide…

  • 1-2: Episode 2 (27 May, 2018)

    As Jeremy gets one step closer to becoming prime minister, Norman demands that old promises should be honoured. With the old affair with Norman threatening to derail his political career, will Jeremy stop at nothing to silence him?

  • 1-3: Episode 3 (03 Jun, 2018)

    Having survived a bungled attempt on his life, Norman Scott publicly accuses Jeremy Thorpe of being behind a plot to kill him. After years of acrimony between them, Norman and Jeremy finally go head to head in court with the world watching.

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A Very English Scandal: EXCLUSIVE TRAILER (UK) | Hugh Grant | Ben Whishaw - BBC

Crime, Drama

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