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Looking: Season 1 (2014)  

Comedy, Drama | English

Queer Factor ™


Queer Factor ™


  • 1-1: Looking for Now (19 Jan, 2014)

    Patrick deals with news of his ex's engagement, Agustín prepares to move in with his boyfriend, and Dom considers reconnecting with an old flame.

  • 1-2: Looking for Uncut (26 Jan, 2014)

    Dom helps Agustín move into Frank's house in Oakland while discussing Patrick's love life. Back in San Francisco, Patrick goes on a date with Richie, and Dom has an encouraging reunion with Ethan.

  • 1-3: Looking at Your Browser History (01 Feb, 2014)

    Patrick goes to a party on an aircraft carrier for a video-game launch, where he meets his new boss. Meanwhile, Dom shares his plans for a Portuguese restaurant with Doris, and Agustín gets fired for criticizing a sculpture.

  • 1-4: Looking for $220/Hour (09 Feb, 2014)

    Dom asks Lynn to lunch, but is unsure if it is for business or pleasure. Meanwhile, Patrick and Kevin's outing is interrupted by a call from the latter's boyfriend, and Agustín considers hiring help for an art project.

  • 1-5: Looking for the Future (16 Feb, 2014)

    Patrick calls in sick to work so he can spend the day exploring with Richie. They see the sights of San Francisco while discussing their pasts and what they want to do in their futures.

  • 1-6: Looking in the Mirror (23 Feb, 2014)

    Dom's feelings for Lynn grow as they discuss becoming business partners, a frustrated Agustín introduces CJ to Frank, and Patrick introduces Richie to his friends at Dom's 40th birthday party.

  • 1-7: Looking for a Plus-One (02 Mar, 2014)

    Patrick is nervous about Richie meeting his family at his sister's wedding. Unsure of himself, Agustín pulls out of an art exhibition and fights with Frank, while Dom ignores Lynn's advice as they prepare for the restaurant pop-up. opening.

  • 1-8: Looking Glass (09 Mar, 2014)

    Frank tells Agustín what is on his mind, Patrick tries fixing what is broken in his life, while Dom's restaurant pop-up event sees Patrick and Agustín show up, as does Lynn, with a surprising guest.

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Comedy, Drama

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